Monday, 16 November 2009

Update on Willaby the orphaned Wallaby Joey

For those of you who have asked after Willaby, our orphaned albino Wallaby, we're very pleased to be able to report that he's doing really well!! This photo, taken earlier today, shows Willaby, now aged 10 months, being fed by Head Keeper Craig Holmes, assisted by Keeper Jake Cousins. Willaby now spends all his time with the rest of the mob of Wallabies at the Park and has formed a close friendship with one of the other Joeys, a brown female that we call Stumpy (she has small ears!) Willaby's supplementary milk feeds take place twice a day and have increased to huge proportions (as you can see from the mammoth-sized syringe above!) In between times he enjoys grazing on the lush grass and tucks in well to the selection of fruit, vegetables and special pellets that all the Wallabies enjoy on a daily basis.
(Photo: Jules Brittan)

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