Wednesday, 11 May 2011

KEEPER FOR A DAY – Jon Williams

We were pleased to welcome Jon Williams to the Park yesterday, Tuesday 10th May. Jon was treated to being a “Keeper for a Day” by his wife Theresa as a surprise birthday present. The couple live in East Cowes and it has become customary for Theresa to treat Jon to a variety of surprises for each of his birthdays! Jon said he felt a little apprehensive at first because he had been caught completely unawares, but as the day progressed his smile became broader and broader! At the end of the day Jon said that he’d had a really great time and would highly recommend the experience to anyone!

Jon Williams with Kookie (resized) DSC_0455Jon Williams feeding Penguins (resized) DSC_0360

Jon Williams with Kookie Kookaburra (resized) DSC_0449

Jon Williams with Wallabies (resized) DSC_0381Jon Williams with Wallabies (resized) DSC_0379Jon Williams with Wallabies (resized) DSC_0384

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