Saturday, 29 October 2011


Danielle penguin encounter

Hi Jules.

Many thanks for the photos!  It was great to meet you too and we both felt privileged to be your first ‘ Penguin Encounter’ guests.  On a personal note, I’d just like to thank you specifically and the other keeper (many apologies for forgetting her name?) You were so friendly from the start with our phone call, through to the day itself.  We couldn’t believe how much time we got to spend with the penguins and you were great with answering all our questions.  Getting to name a penguin was totally unexpected and such a lovely surprise!  Maybe you should introduce that at a cost, in order to bring some extra money into your Park?  I remember Dippy, Humphrey, Pippa etc.. but for the other ones of the 31 that are not named?  Although, I think you do an adopt-a-penguin scheme already and this may interfere with that etc…

We’d both love to monitor the progress of Danielle.  She was very sweet and friendly and I loved it she took a shine to me.  It was so cute when she kept standing on my feet and following me around!  Please let me know if she needs anything and I will send on a little bit of money to help.  We loved them all really and so funny how they all have different personalities and I didn’t mind when they bit us a bit!  I have just seen the blog link on facebook and will be sure to write some feedback on there asap.

We will definitely return in the spring.  My Mum is a huge fan of Meerkats (& penguins incidentally!) so I know what I can do the Meerkat Encounter you mention next for her.  She’s rather unwell at the moment but hopefully will be back to 100% by then and I can surprise her as a good reason for a day out again! 

I’ll definitely be passing on info to friends and family.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get people aware etc.. and have already sent on the link to the blog to people as well as lots of texts last night saying what a great day it was.  As your Park is not as big as some of the larger national and more corporate Zoos and Parks, we really appreciated the personal touch.  The other penguin encounters etc… were in London or further away, so it was great to keep things slightly more local and support your ‘hidden gem’.  Please do not be shy to let us know if there is any other way we can help you guys out, as you were so good to us….

Thanks again SO much and just to let you know Danielle said last night it was one, if not the, best day of her life.  I kept it a complete surprise until we got to the Park itself.

Stay in touch, warmest regards,



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