Sunday, 12 August 2012

Update on our moulting penguins!

DSC_0335As we are already part way through August and the summer holidays, it finally looks as though our penguins are about to complete their annual moult.
Most have lost all their old feathers and now have their beautiful new black and white plumage through.
A few characters however are lagging a little behind such as Millie, Biscuit and Dippy who all still have quite a way to go!
The penguins have taken a very long time to moult this year, possible due to the strange weather patterns we have been having.
Here are a few photos showing how some of our cheeky humboldts have progressed so far…

The penguins in the photos above are half way through moulting, you can see where the old brown feathers have fallen out and the new black ones are coming through!

Above we have Desmond and Poppy, a breeding pair. You can see Desmond (on the left) has almost finished his moult, where as Poppy (on the right) is very behind as she still has all her old brown feathers!

Above we have Locke (left) and his partner (right) who are another of our breeding pairs, both who have now finished their moult.

DSC_0465 DSC_0329
These two photos show the before (left) and after (right) of one of our younger penguins Skipper.
Then finally we have Dippy, who is always the first penguin to start moulting and the last one to finish!

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