Thursday, 2 August 2012

Why not treat yourself or someone you love to a Wildlife Encounter this summer?

One-on-One Wildlife Encounters here at the Park are not just for youngsters!  Close interaction with animals is a treat for all ages!  Go on, treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime!
Today we welcomed Chelsie Beaney as a Keeper for a Day (images below).  At the end of the day Chelsie said it was an absolutely amazing experience – she really loved it!

Erin Hastings (below) was treated to a Meerkat Encounter by her parents as a surprise 8th birthday present – Erin didn’t know anything about it until she arrived at the Park and I explained it to her! The family are here on holiday this week from Horley near Gatwick airport. 

This afternoon Anna Hastings (not related to Erin above!) was given a Junior Wildlife Experience as a belated 7th birthday present from her Mum Vicky, whilst the rest of the family were out sailing on the Solent today.  Anna (pictured below) and Vicki both seemed to really enjoy themselves – they said they’d had a really fun afternoon.  (I heard Anna ask her Mum if she could have the same birthday present again next year!)

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