Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wild about close-up Encounters!

During the last two days we’ve been having a buzzing, bustling time  with our wonderful Wildlife Encounters.  As it’s the middle of the summer school holidays there have been a flurry of bookings for young and old alike to enjoy the treat of a personal, one-on-one Encounter with our fabulous wildlife here at the Park.
Louise, Julia and George (above), here on holiday from Basingstoke, joined us in the morning for a “Combo Encounter” – enjoying close-up time with the Penguins and then the Meerkats.
Brooke Foster (above) was treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience as her 8th birthday present from her Mum and Dad.
Naomi Issitt (above) is on the Island holidaying with her husband and two sons.  Naomi has an absolute passion for Penguins so this Penguin Encounter was something really special for her!  Locke took a particular shine to Naomi and kept offering her leaves - as though asking her to build a nest with him!
Libby (left above), Jessica (centre) and Ethan Turrell had a Meerkat Encounter with us this afternoon.  Libby and Jessica are twins (aged 9) and Ethan is their younger brother (aged 6).  They’re on the Island on holiday with their Mum and Dad who treated them to this close-up wildlife experience.

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