Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wildlife Encounters bring huge smiles to all age groups!

This weekend and yesterday we’ve had some wonderful “VIP guests” here at the Park – people of different ages (Wildlife Encounters are great fun for adults too!), different personalities and from different backgrounds - all  enjoying their own special wildlife experiences.  Whether as “Keeper for a Day”, or Junior Wildlife Experience”, or “Wildest Date” or “Penguin or Meerkat Encounter” (or a “Combo Encounter” with both Penguins and Meerkats) - there’s a one-on-one wildlife experience for everyone here at Seaview Wildlife Encounter!

On Saturday 4th August, Benjamin Hoyum (aged 8, pictured above) enjoyed a Junior Wildlife Experience with us. He and his family are here on the Isle of Wight on holiday from Sussex. Benjamin said he particularly liked his time with the Bearded Dragon and the Ferret!

Harry Still (aged 8, pictured above) from London hadn’t realised that we offer one-on-one Wildlife Encounters – but luckily we were able to offer him (via his Dad!) a “spur of the moment” booking for a Meerkat Encounter on Saturday.

Yesterday (Sunday 5th August), Bea, Sylvie and Elliott French, pictured above, participated in a Junior Wildlife Experience (they were celebrating Bea’s birthday). The three said they loved everything about their wildlife experience and that they thought the Wallabies were really cute!

Elliot (7) and Star (10) Richards (above) from Kent, celebrated Elliot’s 7th birthday yesterday afternoon by being treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience. Elliot said his favourites were the Penguins!

Carole Bolton (above) was a “Keeper for a Day” with us today – she really got involved and showed great interest in the animals and birds she worked closely with.  The middle image above shows Carole holding a tiny, Eyton’s Tree Duckling that we hatched out in one of our incubators a few days ago.  It’s the first of this species to have been bred here at Seaview Wildlife.  The duckling is keen to be in water but at this stage still feels more confident with a helping hand for extra support! 

Ben Beckett (aged 13, pictured above) is here on the Island on holiday this week with his older brother and his parents.  Ben was treated to a Combo Encounter (spending close-up time with the Penguins and then the Meerkats).  He seemed to have a really good time!

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